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Movement For Freedom, UCP, BPF and BCD committee apply for Freedom Day


Opposition representatives have sent an application for a Freedom Day action to Minsk City Executive Committee. Four organizations have signed it – the Movement For Freedoms, UCP, BPF and the organizing committee of the BCD, reports.

The action has been appointed for Saturday, March 25. The organizers would like to gather near the Academy of Sciences at 2-2.30 p.m. and walk towards Yanka Kupala Park along Independence Avenue.  The action will end at 3.30 p.m. if the column reaches the park by that time. No meeting is planned.


About 950 people are expected to join the action.


Minsk City Executive Committee used to refuse to allow the manifestation because the organizers also asked for a meeting. Meanwhile, meetings are allowed only in Bangalore Square. The organizers have decided to refuse from a meeting this year and are hoping to be allowed to walk along the avenue.

A festive concert has also been appointed for March 25. Negotiations about the place and musicians are in process.

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