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Agriculture ministry needs aquarium maintenance for 1000 euro from public funds


There is a new tender on the website of state purchases. The Ministry of Agriculture needs aquarium maintenance services and is ready to spend 2000 roubels on it.

It is an ordinary aquarium and it can be found in the Minister’s reception room, Ihar Sadouski, the person responsible for the purchases in the Ministry of Agriculture, told Euroradio. “It is an ordinary aquarium. The sum is approximate. The cost may be lowered depending on the process of finding the services. Will it increase? I doubt it. This is a one-time purchase and we always try to lower the cost. It would be good to save money and spend it on something else.”

The secretary knew more about the aquarium whose maintenance will cost 1000 euro to tax-payers. “There is one. Why are you asking? I do not know how many fishes are there. There are a lot of them. Half of them are hiding. How can I count them? We give them fish feed. I do not how much we are buying. The aquarium is quite big – 300 or 400 litres.”

We can track the tender thanks to the website of state purchases. The fishes need only 385 euro in 2014, 770 – in 2015 and 745 – in 2016. It means that 2017 with 1000 euro may become the best year for the aquarium in the Minister’s reception room. By the way, the Ministry is planning to spend the same sum on the qualification improvement of its employees and their participation in seminars.

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