Belarusian hunters to be enrolled in people's militia

Unit of the people's militia, sample photo /

Unit of the people's militia, sample photo / /

If necessary, members of the Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen will be enrolled in the people's militia, according to the chairman of the organization Ihar Shunevich, former Minister of Internal Affairs.

Shunevich noted that hunters have shooting experience, uniform and equipment (optics, including night optics, ammunition, thermal imagers).

"And most importantly, it is a person who is at least not afraid of blood. Hunters who are not called up for service in the order determined by the military recruitment offices will certainly take part in all actions necessary for the defense of the state. Using their skills, equipment and weapons. We talked about this today. There will be no exceptions," the newspaper "SB. Belarus Today" reported quoting Shunevich.

"Hunters themselves have expressed desire to join the people's militia," Shunevich said. "We have something to defend [Belarus] with. We'll improve the rest".

"People's militia has been work in progress in Belarus since 2022. As it was announced, only volunteers would participate in it. Their task was to help the police and army in the fight against "saboteurs" and "illegal armed groups". In May, Defense Minister Viktar Khrenin promised that only "our" people would receive weapons. 

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