Pavel Latushka unveils number of victims of repressions in Belarus

Pavel Latushka at the conference in Tallinn / Euroradio

Pavel Latushka at the conference in Tallinn / Euroradio / Еўрарадыё

There are 136 thousand victims of crimes against humanity in Belarus. Thet suffered from May 2020 to May 2023. This is the figure named by the deputy head of the United Transitional Cabinet, head of the NAM (National Anti-Crisis Management) Pavel Latushka. He demands that Lukashenka be held accountable for this, as well as for war crimes and crimes against Ukrainian children.

"What prevents his prosecution? From my point of view as a lawyer - nothing. What is needed is political will. Take a step," Latushka said at the opening panel of the Belarusian Conference in Tallinn. "And that's the test. A test of democracy. A test that will be passed not only by the Belarusian people, but also by the European Union. If the European Union, the European democracy, does not pass the test on the example of Belarus, will the Belarusians believe in democracy? Will there be such prospects of change in 2025?" asked Latushka.

Latushka believes that unless Lukashenka faces a real threat of being held accountable, democracy will not win in Belarus. "Therefore, the strategy for today is to do everything possible to bring Lukashenka to justice on the basis of the collected materials," he adds.

Recently, Pavel Latushka's team handed over additional materials to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague on the involvement of "Lukashenka and his allies in the war crime - the forced removal of Ukrainian children". The meeting took place the day before in the ICC prosecutor's office.

According to the NAM website, the new materials supplement the information handed over to the ICC earlier this summer.

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