World of Tanks now in Belarusian

The MMO action game World of Tanks has received Belarusian localization. The game has full voiceover in Belarusian.

The appearance of the Belarusian localization is a sign of the game creators to many fans of World of Tanks, of which in Belarus are more than 1 million.

In the commentary to BelTA, the product manager of the World of Tanks Maxim Chuvalau said: "The Belarusian localization is a significant event for us. We took the issue responsibly and hope that the Belarusian players will appreciate our efforts."

To begin playing the WoT in Belarusian, you need to download the update 9.14 choosing the Belarusian language in the launcher. By the way, the WoT has been translated to 39 languages. In addition the Belarusian language, the 9.14 update has Ukrainian and Kazakh versions.