Will Onliner.by and TUT.by register as online editions?

Photo: pexels.com

The term ‘online edition’ will be added to the new Law on Mass Media. The amendments do not specify the meaning of this term but it seems to be an analogue to ‘online mass media’.

Online editions are not considered to be mass media at the moment. The registration of online editions will be optional, the updated law says. However, only registered online resources will be able to accredit their reporters.

It questions the work of such giants as Onliner.by and TUT.by. Are they feeling unsafe? Will they register? Euroradio has decided to find it out. 

They will most likely apply for registration, if the amendments come into force, TUT BY MEDIA CEO Lyudmila Chekina said:

"TUT.by is not a mass medium now, it is a legal entity. However, we still can be subjected to responsibility like mass media. Online editions cannot register as mass media at the moment. We have not decided yet whether we will register as an online edition. However, we most likely will. We are still discussing it.”

They have not made the final decision whether to resister but online editions may simply have no choice, Onliner.by editor-in-chief Mikalai Kazlovich told Euroradio: 

"We will analyze the final document and discus it with lawyers. Then we will make our decision that will be based on the fact that mass media work for readers and not for officials putting red flags on the Internet from their red carpeted corridors. Readers need full and latest information including the official one: from the driving inspectorate, tax inspectorate and the customs. If online editions are forced to either register or stop distributing such information, they will have no choice.”