Why paying students go for assignment?

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Dzyanis used to be a paying student from the physics faculty of the BSU. He works in the United Institute of Energetics and Nuclear Research "Sosny" under assignment. Euroradio found out that he went for assignment in order to... save his wife!

Dzyanis: "My wife graduated the chemistry faculty as a young specialist. She is not from the city and those who arrived from the rural areas were sent back. It is difficult to get normal assignment for them. So I assigned here, and they left her here as well, so I became a young specialist." 

Graduate of the philological faculty of Minsk state pedagogical university named after Maxim Tank Aksana assigned to a school in Nyasvizh. Although she paid for education, she teaches kids language and literature now.

Aksana: "I wanted to know what it feels like - to be a young specialist. I wanted to feel the atmosphere. Moreover, there are some benefits prescribed for young specialists. You can get a credit for...some needs, or be put into a queue for accommodation". 

It is necessary to pay 60-100 million roubles to the state in order to be freed from the obligatory work after graduation if you studied for the cost of the state budget. A teacher's salary allows to scrape up such a sum for four years. If you spend money on nothing else.

Photo: onliner.by