Wellness club belonging to Chyzh’s wife works as usual

The elite wellness club EVO belonging to Yury Chyzh’s wife Svyatlana is working according to its regular schedule today, sputnik.by reports. The club is ready to welcome visitors in all the zones this Tuesday.

The club was closed due to ‘technical issues’ on Monday, Euroradio reported.  It was being searched, unofficial sources reported.

The wellness club did not comment on the situation on March 15. The administration also cannot say whether the club owner changed a few days ago.

Well-known Belarusian businessman Yury Chyzh, owner of the group of companies Triple, was arrested on March 11. KGB confirmed the arrest two days later, on March 13. Other heads of the company were detained together with Mr. Chyzh.


Yury Chyzh is one of the founders of the club EVO that opened in May 2011. His wife Svyatlana is the director of the club.