Victoria Nuland: U.S. is open for better relations with Belarus

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has commented on US-Belarus relations at America Business Institute in Washington on Wednesday. According to Nuland, the USA is open for relations with Belarus but will not refuse from its demands in the human rights field. ‘The ball’ is on the Belarusian government’s side now, she thinks.

"The Belarusian administration is facing a binary choice and has been feeling uncomfortable this year. I met the Belarusian PM at a session of the UN General Assembly in September and told him that they had done a lot for their country by turning the name of Minsk into the symbol of a peace agreement,” ITAR-TASS quotes the American politician.

The fact that the mutual issue of visas has been restored is a positive step, Nuland said. However, the USA is waiting for further Belarus’ initiatives, she stressed.