Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu gets Br10.5 million fine over street rally

Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu has been fined Br10.5 million (50 base amounts) for participation in the entrepreneurs’ protest action held in Minsk on February 15, Minsk's Central District Court judge Victoria Shybunya ruled on March 15.

Nyaklyayeu ignored the previous hearings of his administrative cases but decided to attend this one. “I have come to court because the EU Ministers decided to lift sanctions imposed on Lukashenka and his circle on the day when I was protesting in October Square in Minsk. Lukashenka ordered not to arrest anyone, there were no police in the square and no administrative violation reports were drawn,” BelTA quotes the oppositionist.


However, it has turned out February 15 was not ‘a democracy day’, he added.


Nyaklyayeu is also suspected of participation in an entrepreneurs’ protest action on February 28. However, he did not attend it. The politician received his copy of the report about an administrative violation by post. It is written that Nyaklyayeu refused to sign that report. The date of the trial is unknown at the moment.


Private entrepreneurs protesting against decree #222 held their actions in Minsk on February 15, 22 and 28. However, no reports were drawn up against them on the spot.