Ukraine to organize military exercise near Belarusian border

Manoeuvres will be organized in Herson Oblast (bordering Crimea), Odessa Oblast where attacks from Transnistria and the Black Sea are expected and at the eastern and northern borders, BelaPAN reports. Ukraine does not exclude the possibility of Russian intervention even at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. There are only a few Russian military objects and fighters on the Belarusian territory. Information about 12 more fighters that may be sent to Belarus appeared yesterday. It was explained by the presence of NATO aircrafts near Belarus’ western borders (in Poland and Lithuania).

The intervention of Russian troops into continental Ukraine may start at any moment, Ukrainian mass media report. However, some experts think that it may happen on March 17 or 18 – after the Crimean referendum. Meanwhile, NATO has promised to support Ukraine “when necessary”, Kiev said.