Uber set to stay in Belarus despite pressure

Uber has no plans to leave Belarus, the company's representative in CIS countries Evgeniya Shipova told reporters on March 23 in Minsk. She said the Belarusian capital city has demonstrated a record-hitting development place. The company is developing faster than it happened in Minsk, Warsaw or Rome. Over the four months, 80 000 people used Uber's services, while 580 000 users downloaded the application, reports BelaPAN.

Uber arrived in Minsk in November 2015. On February 5, 2016 the company launched a budget version with lower rates UberX, triggering protests from local taxi drivers who complain about unequal working conditions. Uber does not agree with them. The head of Minsk City Administration Andrei Shorats had to react to protests and ordered to ispect the operation of the company. Inspections spotted some violations by several drivers. In respond, Uber pointed to an all-out information campaign launched by the players who are not interested in Uber's services in Belarus.

Evgeniya Shipova stressed that Uber operates in accordance wuth Belarusian laws.