Technical failure behind Russian jet's crash?

The S-Air executive jet might have crashed after touching trees, but it is yet to be known why the plane descended to the dangerous altitude.
Belarus' transport ministry stressed that nothing certain could be said about the cause of the crash until investigators have finished their probe into the accident, reports Belapan.

Meanwhile, the Belarusian Office of Transport Prosecutor has been carrying out its own investigation of the plane crash near Minsk. However, Vasil Hal who heads the team of aviation safety experts, says the inter-state commission will have the final word. The commission is invetigating possible technical causes of the accident.

The inter-state commission is headed by Boris Gorunov, the head of aviation safety investigation department at the CIS Interstate Aviation Committee. BELTA news agency reports that the second back-up 'black box' has already been found by emergency workers. The fligh data from this box will be processed in Moscow.