Svetlana Alexievich buys three-bedroom flat in ‘Chyzh’s house’

Svetlana Alexievich has bought a three-bedroom flat in ‘Chyzh’s house’ (near the Trinity Suburb). She used to live in a two-room flat in a block of flats nearby – in Starazhouskaya Street, Nasha Niva reports. The information appeared not long ago. The Belarusian writer and Nobel Prize laureate told Russian journalists that she has also bought a country house, .


Svetlana Alexievich bought the flat in April, reports. KGB had already sequestrated the flats that belonged to Triple Co by then. The writer bought it in the secondary housing market. The flat (125 square metres) used to belong to ex-President of FC Belshyna Aleh Hushcha. The sum Alexievich paid for it is unknown. Similar flats in ‘Chyzh’s house’ cost 250-200 thousand dollars.

The Belarusian writer’s Nobel Prize totaled $953 thousand.