Statkevich reveals plan of Minsk march in protest against ‘freeloaders’ tax’


A street action against “the freeloaders’ tax” will be organized in Minsk on Friday evening.  Ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich has described the details of the March of Indignant Belarusians on Facebook. The plan has been adopted by the National Belarusian Congress, he wrote.

According to Statkevich, the action participants will gather in Kastrycnickaja Square at 6 p.m. They are planning to pronounce their demands and walk towards the Ministry of Taxation. However, the city authorities have not athorized the action.

The decree On Prevention of Freeloading (#3) is aimed at encouraging Belarusians to work and participate in the financing of the state expenses. Belarusian citizens and foreigners living in our country and not taking part in the financing of the state expenses or working for less than 183 days a year must pay the corresponding tax by February 20. Only 10% of all  Belarusian ‘freeloaders’ have paid the tax.