"Spy" Andrei Haidukou's mother to witness in court

Tatsyana Sevyarynets: "The main today's news, I think, is that Andrei Haidukou's mother will be interrogated in court as a witness, upon the appeal of the lawyers. The court has taken such decision. She will be interrogated, but it is unknown when exactly."

Volha Haidukova's appeals to see her son were declined since the moment of his arrests in November 2012. So, the meeting in court will become a rare opportunity for the mother and the son to see each other.

Tatsyana Sevyarynets has also informed that the trial against Andrei Haidukou will last till Friday, June 21 - this is written on the information board in Vicebsk regional court.

Navapolatsk activist is accused of treason. According to the KGB's information, the youngster was arrested when he was making a recess containing information for the foreign secret services. The trial is held in the closed regime. Human rights defenders turn attention to numerous procedural violations during the investigation and the trial, but do not hurry to recognize Andrei Haidukou as a political prisoner.

In the photo - Volha Haidukova, by svaboda.org