Savchenko to run for presidency to solve ‘Ukraine-Belarus problems'

Nadiya Savchenko. Photo: Glavkom.

Ukrainian MP Nadezhda Savchenko is going to run for President. She registered her political party Nadezhda Savchenko’s Civil and Political Platform on July 19 and has already started raising money for her pre-election campaign.


It seems that Savchenko is planning to stake on the defense of Ukraine’s interests in relations with Belarus.


"The biggest problem is that I have no power. People are asking me questions that should be answered by the President. The demarcation of Ukraine-Belarus border started by Kuchma and signed by Yanukovich was unfair – we lost 100 metres of our land. They are draining Valyn lakes to water Belarusian fields. I do not have the power to solve such problems. My power in not enough to establish the order in the country,” Nadezhda Savchenko told Glavkom.

The presidential election will be held in Ukraine in 2019.