Russian woman fined in Belarus for 50 euros in passport

A Russian woman was fined in Belarus for 50 euros found in her passport. The woman was going to Poland through the international road checkpoint "Brest". She handed the passport, which had money in it, to the Belarusian border guards. They considered the incident to be "incitement to violation of the established procedure of border control." The Russian citizen explained that she had left the euros in the document by accident.

BelTA notes that, in accordance with the law, even when unintentionally committed, such actions are considered an administrative offense. The minimum penalty is a fine. It was paid by the resident of the Rostov region.

As reported by Euroradio, in February,  a 46-year-old Russian man was deported from Belarus for one year. He was traveling from Poland to Russia. At the checkpoint "Damachava" the man passed border guard his passport, which turned out to have 10 euros inside.