Russian Embassy picketers to stand trial in Minsk

The administrative cases of the group of activists who took part in a picket in support of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko will be considered by Minsk Central District Court.

The action was held on March 9: people were picketing the Russian Embassy. They demanded to release the Ukrainian who was stating trial in Russian Donetsk. She was sentenced to 22 years of imprisonment later.

The picketers are accused of participation in an unauthorized action. Natallya Mahnach, Ryhor Cherkan, Natallay Basalyha, Yauhen Batura, Halina Lukashevich, Volha Mikalaichyk, Uladzimir Shypila, Natallya Mitskeich, Natallya Samatyya and Aleh Hayeuski have been summoned to court, human rights defenders report.

17 administrative cases stared against politicians and civil activists were considered in the same court yesterday. They stood trial of taking part in entrepreneurs’ meetings and in the picket of the Russian Embassy. All of them were fined for 10-50 base amounts.