Reports: Baskin’s subordinates also arrested, brought to Minsk

Servalux CEO Yauhen Baskin was reportedly arrested on Tuesday morning. Neither the company nor KGB have commented on the situation. Baskin was detained by special agents that arrived in cars with Minsk registration plates, Euroradio has learned.


“The businessman’s relatives have contacted me today. They asked me to help them find a lawyer. Baskin was detained by KGB agents whose cars had Minsk number plates. One of the detained was allowed to phone his wife. He told her that they would be brought to Minsk. She wanted to bring him food and clothes but the KGB agents said that it was not needed. They only said that he should better look for a lawyer,” Mahilou human rights defender and activist Barys Buhel told Euroradio.

Servalux run by Yahen Baskin is the largest poultry products producer in Belarus. Baskin is in Top 6 of the most successful and influential business people in Belarus, according to the ranking by Yezhednevnik investigative newspaper.

His arrest comes just days after another influential businessman Yury Czyzh was detained on March 11. KGB officially confirmed his arrest on Sunday. Chyzh is suspected of major tax evasion.