Reports: Another Pechy hazing suspect detained

Kanstanstin Drazdou: on the left. Photo: Vkontakte.

Kanstantsin Drazdou is another hazing suspect detained in Pechy, reports.

Kanstanstin Drazdou is 21 years old. The young man was born in Chavusy District and when to choreography college in Mahilyou in the 9th form. He used to be a DJ. Kanstanstin was drafted in May 2016, his relatives say.

"He had no problems in the army. It is the first time I have heard that he could beat someone,” one of the man’s relatives told “He is very kind and has never beaten anyone. We are worried a lot now. We are sure that reports about his behaviour are not true. He is calm and could not beat anyone.” 

Канстанцін Драздоў. Фота з "ВКонтакте".

Drazdou is one of the five sergeants detained on suspicion of hazing on October 13 and 14. These people are suspected of physical violence and misappropriation of cigarettes and food belonging to their subordinates. They are suspected of having violated part 2 of article 455 of the Criminal Code “Power abuse or inertness of an authorized person”.

If they are returned guilty, the sergeants may be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

The names of the other military men dismissed from the Armed Forces have also been announced: head of the medical service Vadzim Salahub, the headquarters chief Ruslan Vafin and master sergeant of the medical unit Syarhei Butkevich.