Pink bra in exchange for printer


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The aim of the
market is to provide people with Christmas presents and to draw attention to senseless
consumption that increases tenfold during Christmas holidays.

“We support
the idea of self-made presents”, - explains Asya, organizer of the market and
activist of the youth educational centre “Fialta”. – We are also urging people
to exchange something they do not need for presents instead of buying them in

What free presents
can be found at FREE MARKET? They are the same as in most European “flee
markets” – books, magazines, discs, a printer, postcards,  beads, badges and even a pink bra!

Nobody bothered
to wrap the presents because they did not have to be sold – everything was
piled. However, visitors liked it.

Dasha and Vera: “You can dig in the pile and look at everything! The modern world
lacks this feeling of searching – everything can be found easily and ordered online.
And here you look through a number of unnecessary items and suddenly you find
what you need! Here it is!”

There were
workshops at FREE MARKET too: making beads and candles. Austrian volunteer Maks
brought his own professional camera and lighting and organized a photo workshop.

“People create
their composition, I set up the lighting and take pictures and they can send the
photo to somebody or print it”, - said Maks.

also organized a workshop: how to make the most ecological Christmas tree. Do
you know how to do it? You should make it yourself! Our tree was made of white paper
(the white symbolized dreams about snow this winter) and of waste linoleum. Isn’t
it beautiful?

By the way,
the alternative market was organized in the recently repaired “Art-manor”
situated in the first floor of “Horizont” firm. It takes a lot of time to find

“We would
not be able to accept a lot of people here so we did not advertise the market”,
- says organizer Asya and adds that the youth centre “Fialta” is going to attract
people by the number of events rather than by their large scale. It means that we
can expect a few more “Free Markets” next year.