Pundit: MAZ, KamAZ merger is not a matter of economy

Belarus needs to speed up privatization, Dmitry Medvedev announced after the meeting of the Union Council of Ministers in Minsk on October 21. The idea of creation of a joint enterprise of Belarusian MAZ and Russian KAMAZ has been discussed for too long, he noted.

This is not a matter of economy, this is a political issue, Leanid Zlotnikau believes. Russia could exercise pressure on the Belarusian government from the economic point of view.

Leanid Zlotnikau: "They may simply cut down crediting. It would be a heavy blow for the Belarusian economy.”

The negotiations have been in process for several years, the economist added. It means that the Belarusian authorities have leant to avoid Russian pressure in many cases.

Photo: Belsat