Public servants spend Br3.4 billion on official vehicles within two weeks

Officials are spending 3,428 billion rubles. The money from the local, national budgets will be spent on the purchase of official vehicles. 

The most expensive tender is in Zhlobin executive committee. Here, they are buying cars for 350 million rubles. That's more than the allowed by the President 25 thousand euros spent on official vehicle. In the executive committee we asked what car will the head of the committee get. 

"We want an SUV, we have to drive around the collective farm, sorry, the district. We want to buy a Nissan," told me an official at the executive committee and added that they would buy a Belarusian SUV, but there is no such thing. Probably, they don't know about Geely. 

"There are no Belarusian SUVs, and I have not heard that you must only buy a Belarusian vehicle. I've never seen it written in black and white, there were only recommendations to purchase Belarusian cars. Besides, if you want to support only local producers, you should also acquire Russian cars. We are in the Customs Union anyway," said an official at the Zhlobin executive committee. Here they said that before this purchase the head of the commitee had a Mercedes. But he was later given to his deputy, and the head is currently moving around in a minibus.

Chief department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus wants a  car with climate control, variable boot opening, on-board computer and disks with low-profile tyres. The department still doesn't know what brand the car will be. One thing is clear, it's not going to be cheap -- they were given 345 million rubles. Based on the National Bank exchange rate on 15 September, it is also more than 25 thousand euros. Maybe the Ministry of Finance knows something about the future rate? 

Lyahavitsy finance department received 225 million for the purchase of a new car. They will buy Geely SC7 or a similar car. 

"We do need a car. We had a Lada before, but we have driven it for 10 years, simply everything needs to be replaced there!"  the tone of voice tells me that Lyahavitsy finance department is eagerly waiting to buy a new car. Only three cars were purchased here recently. All of them produced locally, because "it's necessary to save money." 

According to my estimates, in September only (15 days) officials announced tenders for the purchase of 17 vehicles for their needs. Sorry, the state's needs. At the same time, only three applications were filed for the purchase of an ambulance. Two of them - in Svetlahorsk hospital. I wondered how much such luxury as ambulance costs. It turns out, it costs as one car for the Ministry of Finance. 

"We have filed an application today,one ambulance costs 350 million  rubles. Billion costs a mobile ICU!" I was told in Svetlahorsk hospital

Seventeen cars for officials (which is 3.428 billion rubles) could buy 10 ambulances or three mobile ICUs. But officials' needs are more important than those of regular people.