Prosecutor General to consider inquiry about Kyrgyzstan's Bakiyev brothers

Kyrgyz prosecutors are indeed seeking to extradite the former Kyrgyz president, head of information and public relations department of the General Prosecutor's Office Pyotr Kisyalyou told Interfax-West news agency.

Kyrgyz General Prosecutor's Office sent an inquiry to Belarusian colleagues in accordance with the Convention on Legal Aid and Legal Relations In Civil, Family and Criminal Cases on February 27. Kyrgyzstan has demanded to extradite brothers Kyrmanbek and Janybek Bakiyevs in order to execute their sentences.

Kyrgyzstan numerously asked to extradite the Bakiyevs before. But the official Minsk would always reply that the ex-President of Kyrgyzstan and his brother were persecuted for political reasons.

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