President’s Office owes to public budget

The Main Economic Department of the President’s Administration is on the black list of budget defaulters in the first half in 2016, Yezhednevnik reports. The structure is the biggest operator of commercial immovable estate in the Belarusian market.

The department created in 1994 in order to run administrative buildings on the territory of Belarus owns about 400 republican buildings and constructions including the President’s Administration, state committees, etc.


This is not the only owner of commercial immovable estate that has been found on the list of budget defaulters. The tax inspectorate has claims regarding such companies as EuroStepGruop (Green City), Belmedinfarm (office buildings and houses), Minselka (Zhuravinka) and others.

535 private companies and organizations and 27 state enterprises owed money to the budgets in the first half of 2016. 43 private entrepreneurs are also on the black list.