Oppositionist Mikalai Statkevich released from Akreststina prison

Photo: svaboda.org

Opposition politician Mikola Statkevich has been released after 5 days in Akrestsina prison. He was arrested on the eve of May 2 – the day when he was planning to organize an unauthorized street action.


"A bus stopped and people rushed towards me. They dragged me into the bus and brought to Akreststina Street. They said: you have been convicted. They showed me the order saying that I had been sentenced to 5 days of arrest on April 5,” Statkevich described the details of his detention to Radio Liberty.

The politician was glad to hear that several hundred people had taken part in the action on May 1. “Great! It means that I have a chance to stay free because the arrests are not helping,” Statkevich said.