Opposition activist gets Br12.6 fine

Minsk's Central District Court on May 3 sentenced to punish Razam movement leader Vyachaslau Siuchyk wth a fine of Br12.6 million (approx. $665), reports Radio Svaboda. The court also sent the police report on charges of 'disobedience to the police' (Article 23.4 in Administrative Code for further revision 'to eliminate flaws.'

According to Siuchyk, it took the judge about an hour and a half to make the verdict, which was based on the confronting testimonies of the police officers, he said.

Siuchyk was detained on at 3 a.m on April 19 near his house. He was charged with petty hooliganizm and disobedience to the police. During the first hearing on April 20, the court sent the case for further investigaton because the time and place of offence did not correspond to the detention report. The next hearing was scheduled for April 21. The summons was handed to him by police officers in entrance lobby of his house at 10p.m. on April 20.

On April 21, Suychyk requested to postpone the hearing because his lawyer was unable to be present. Judge Victoria Shabunya satisfied his motion and shifted the hearing to May 3.