Onyx gig allowed in Minsk

Belarusian officials have allowed the rappers from Onyx to give a concert in Minsk. The gig will be held at the end of spring. Last year, the musicians were not allowed to perform in the Belarusian capital: officials of Minsk City Executive Committee felt then that their music posed a threat to our audience.

One of the organizers of the concert Anton Asayevich told onlliner.by that after the refusal in the autumn of 2015, the organizers took all the bureaucratic steps. They gave officials a variety of materials, which confirm that there are no violations of the current legislation in the works of the group. By the way, these rappers performed in Minsk in 2008.

The Onyx will perform on May 21 at the club Re:Public. Tickets will cost from 350 to 750 thousand rubles.