ONT presenter asks 3 questions about situation at Belarusian NPP

The incident at the Belarusian NPP has been discussed in the programme Contours on ONT.

The incident occurred on July 10, the website of the United Civil Party reported. A reactor collapsed from the height of 2-4 meters at the building site of the Belarusian NPP.

The Ministry of Energy commented on it only on July 26. “The contingency occurred during the horizontal transportation of the reactor,” officials said.

Illya Kolasau, the presenter of the programme Contours, asked three questions in connection with it. “Firstly. Why did they comment on the incident only when more than two weeks had passed? Secondly. Why did the Ministry of Energy react to reports in mass media instead of the incident itself? Would they have even reacted if there had been no reports? ” the TV presenter wondered.


Thirdly, he asked who would make the decision about future works. The contactor is interested in finishing the object on time, Kolasau said. “Contractors come and go and Belarusians will have to live next to the NPP. We should remember to never rely on anyone when it comes to our safety,” he warned.

He is hoping to get answers to these questions from the Ministry of Energy.