Official: Belarus banking system resembles Ponzi scheme company (video)

Chairman of the State Control Committee Leanid Anfimau was one of the most active participnts at yesterday's meeting dedicated to the economic situation. He noted that there was a gap between the real economy and the banking system. And the President's instructions to make loans more accessible to enterprises have not been fulfilled.

Anfimau: "The economy has become hostage to the banking system. The banking system became a kind of MMM, where enterprises of the the real sector of the economy bear the main load of interest payments. But their capabilities are not limitless."

After that, the head of the National Bank Nadzeya Yermakova got up and said she did not agree with Anfimau when he said that "the National Bank and the national banking system had become an MMM." She asked "to create a commission that would assess the work of the National Bank."

Alyaksandr Lukashenka did not support it. He became surprised that Yermakova and Anfimau did not compare their materials before the meeting.