The nominating group of Karatkevich gathers more than 8,000 signatures

Starting from from July 23, the nominating group of Tatstsiana Karatkevich has gathered more than 8,000 signatures,leader of the Tell the Truth campaign Andrey Dzmitryieu told BelaPAN. According to him, the best results came from pickets in the streets of big cities rather than apartment visits. "It is not because people have little support for us, but because in the summer houses are empty," said Mr Dzmitryieu.

In the next two weeks, the members of the Karatkevich initiative group will visit the people who put their signatures for the People's Referendum campaign. It is noted that in the regions people are often interested in a candidate, but are afraid to put their signature.

On July 23, Tatstsiana Karatkevich spoke about 5,000 signatures that will be collected in just one day, as she had "2,000 members of the nominating group, each of them will collect signatures from their friends, families" (see. Video) .

The collection of signatures will be held until August 21. Each nominating group has to collect at least 100,000 signatures.

Photo: Euroradio