No loan until IMF checks situation in Belarus

The International Monetary Fund is studying the economic actions of the Belarusian authorities, said Chairman of the Belarus National Bank Pavel Kalaur at the press conference in Minsk.

"We have questions with regard to the situation where we offered the IMF a scheme, provided by the Presidential Decree #78 (on measures to improve the effectiveness of social and economic complex) on public services, Belapan quoted Kalaur. We said that we are ready for the 50% (population compensation of the costs), but we will go from two sides: on the one hand, we will increase the tariffs, on the other hand - we will restore order in this monopoly so that there were no unexpected costs and so that population and budget would not overpay."

According to the head of the National Bank, an IMF mission will arrive in Belarus in June. It will study the situation again. This means that before that time our country will definitely not receive a loan of $3 billion that our authorities have been hoping to get for a long time.

Pavel Kalaur said that the National Bank supported the proposal of the International Monetary Fund to establish a Council to ensure financial stability. If the government approves the project, the Council will be created. Th epost of the Co-Chair of the Financial Stability Board will probably be taken by the Chairman of the National Bank and First Deputy Prime Minister.