National Bank: Poll needed for statistics

“This is true. Our specialists are preparing an official press release where we will explain the reason for the poll,” the National Bank told Euroradio.

Belarusians going abroad started filling in anonymous questionnaires at some border check-points at the weekend. The poll is being conducted by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. People are being asked to indicate how many days they will stay abroad, why and how much money they are going to spend there.

The explanation was given later. The poll lasted for only 2 days and was only held at 7 check-points. It was needed for statistics:

“It was a voluntary poll. A lot of questionnaires were filled in. A decision about the necessity of changing the existing system of controlling foreign trade will be taken later.”

The poll aroused a wave of comments on forums and news websites. The majority are sure that the authorities are testing the waters before introducing the $100 exit customs duty.