Natallya Harachka gets detained at firing ground, jailed for 3 days


Barysau District Court sentenced rights defender Natallya Harachka to three days of arrest on September 4. She was returned guilty of petty hooliganism, Radio Liberty reports.


According to the sentence pronounced by judge Syarhei Herasimovich, the woman was swearing during her detention at Barysau firing ground.


Harachka was detained on the evening of September 1.

Natallya Harachka was detained when she arrived to visit her son Ivan serving at Barysau firing ground. Part of the units taking part in Belarus-Russia maneuvers West-2017 are stationed there.

Russian soldiers detained her and handed over to Belarusian military men, the woman said. Our compatriots used physical force against her and left bruises on her arms, Harachka claimed.

The court believed the witnesses for the prosecution – Belarusian military men – and punished Harachka.