Nadzeya Yermakova

National Bank CEO Nadzeya Yermakova answered Euroradio question during a live phone-in on July 9.

Belarus National Bank chairmawoman Nadzeya Yermakova says her agency will continue the policy of gradual devaluation of national currency.

State-run newspaper Zvyazda publishes the minutes of hotline news conference by National Bank chairwoman Nadzeya Yermakova.

Belarus' National Bank chairwoman Nadzeya Yermakova says it is too early to talk about redenomination yet it is definitely planned.

440 million dollars should arrive to our account by the end of the year.

The chairwoman of Belarus National Bank reckons the denomination of Belarusian currency is necessary.

The National Bank Chairperson comments on introduction of the fee for cross-border shoppers, tells how often she leaves Belarus.

Nadzeya Yemnakova has commented on important financial issues in an interview with Narodnaya Gazeta.