MPs pass amendments in media law in second reading

File photo. Source: BELTA

On 14 June, the members of the House of Represenatives - the lower chamber of Belarus' National Assembly - voted on the amendments to the law on media in a second reading. 97 deputies voted in favor. Opposition MP Hanna Kanapackaya did not vote while another independent MP Alena Anisim abstained, reports The amendments include among other things a possibility to appeal a ruling of the Information Ministry in court. The revised amendments also removed a provision on fines for online news websites and changed the definition of an online news website's owner. It also sets out that an online platform not registered as a news website is not regarded as a media outlet.

Amendments were passed in the first reading on 19 April. Back then, 98 MPs voted in favor, 2- against and 2 abstained. Under the passed amendments, the law will require identification of persons who leaves their comments on internet sites.