Mother of executed Uladzislau Kavalyou files supervisory appeal

"I hope that the judge who accepted the appeal will be serious about it. He did not even lift his eyes once. He just looked through the preliminary appeal, and said it was accepted", - Lyubou Kavalyova says.

There are more than 50 pages in the appeal. All violations of the Criminal and Procedural Code are enlisted there. The document also mentions the appeals of the lawyer of defence declined by the court, violation of the right for legal assistance when they did not let the lawyer in the pre-trial detention center, and also violation of the right to appeal, when they did not allow Kavalyou to meet with his lawyer and to sign the appeal before the execution. 

It is also stated in the appeal that the traces of explosive substances were missing. There are the captured frame video of the record which the judge did not let the lawyer to comment on in the court, and the facts of violation of extracting the record out of the video surveillance cameras in the metro. 

Lyubou Kavalyova notes in the appeal that the court made the society fear and mistrust the court system by this sentence. The response to the appeal should arrive within a month.

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