Minsk landlords to pay more tax

The rate of fixed income tax Minsk landlords have to pay has increased by an average of 15%, "Minsk-News" agency repotrs. The decision was made on March 29 at the 16th session of the Minsk City Council.

Now, the following tax rates are applied: in the first economic-planning area - 275K rubles per month for each room, in the other - 230K rubles, in the third and fourth - 195K rubles, in the fifth - 160K rubles.

According to the head of the Taxes and Duties Ministry inspection, Andrei Sabaleuski, today the fixed income tax from rental housing is paid by more than 59.5K Minsk residents.

Over the past year, they paid to the budget 103.2 billion rubles, which is 24.1 billion more than in 2014. Now city officials hope to get 118 billion rubles in taxes from landlords.