Ministry of Sport finds money to send Vital Hurkou to world championship

Ten-time Thai boxing champion Vital Hurkou will eventually go to the world championship after the Ministry of Sport says it has found money for it, the sportsman told Nasha Niva.

“I am in training, everything is fine, I am going to the championship!” Vital Hurkou said.


He might not go to the world championship in Sweden on May 19-28, Hurkou said at the beginning of April.

The sportsman explained it to Euroradio back then:


“I used to be employed by the Ministry of Sport. I got my wage every month and I knew that I always had financing. However, some members of the Belarusian Thai Boxing Federation have ousted me from the staff. That is why it is necessary to look for additional money to send me to the championship. It means that my participation is up in the air.”


Belarusians even collected the necessary sum in a few hours – 70 million roubles. However, the sportsman refused to accept the money and said that he would rather give it to orphans.

Віталь Гуркоў. Фота:

The Ministry of Sport has finally found the money to send him to the world Thai boxing championship. Hurkou is already training with the team.


“The atmosphere is wonderful, everyone is busy doing their job and nobody is recalling any conflicts. Our task is to be a team and to win,” the boxer added and said that the money was found as soon as the incident started being discussed on the Internet.

The boxer has expressed gratitude to the Ministry for finding the money so quickly.