MFA: 3 Belarusians injured in Belgium terrorist acts

Three Belarusians were injured in the terrorist acts in Brussels on March 22, the Belarusian MFA reported on Twitter. Belgium reported the fact when the identification procedure of the blast victims was over. There was no information about Belarusians in the anti-crisis centre of the Belgian MFA yesterday.

The Embassy has already contacted the Belarusian citizens, the MFA reports. They received light injuries (barotraumas and cuts) and have already been discharged from hospital.  It is a family with a small child, STV reports. The adults got barotraumas and the child cot a cut. The adults will undergo a treatment course, they have medical insurance.

Two blasts occurred in the international airport of Brussels and one –at the metro station Malbeque on the morning of March 22. 31 people were killed, about 300 people were injured. 150 of them were taken to hospital. The Islamic State has taken responsibility for it.