Malinauka car and construction markets file for bankruptcy

There have been new developments in the scandal around the company owned by businessman Yury Averyanau. Last week it became known that VTB Bank has filed to the Minsk Economic Court a "Rostem" bankruptcy notice. The company's primary owner is Averyanau.

Now, reports, the same notice has been filed about the CJSC "Trading World - Ring". The company owns the automotive and construction markets, as well as shopping centers in Malinauka district in Minsk. The notice was filed by Averyanau's creditors from Russia - "Verso M". Review of the notice will be held on April 7.

According to a representative of the lender, attorney law firm REVERA owned by  Andrei Talochka, the organization's loans are estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

According to, among the Belarusian company's major creditors there are also two major Belarusian banks - Belagroprombank and BPS-Sberbank. In addition, the company has a significant debt to the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties. Just like "Rostem", the "Trading world Ring" has for a long time been listed among the organizations that had debt on payments to the budget.