Lyabedzka refuses from March 14 action

United Civil Party leader Anatol Lyabedzka has withdrawn his appeal for the Social March appointed for March 14.


Lyabedzka wanted to conduct the march in Bangalore Square of March 14. However, Mikola Statkevich and Anatol Shumchanka had already applied for entrepreneurs’ action appointed for the same day and in the same place earlier. They disliked Lyabedzka’s idea.

He has decided not to conduct the action together with Shumchanka and Statkevich, Anatol Lyabedzka wrote in social networks on March 3. “I like making people happy. Now I can make Anatol Shumchanka and Mikalai Statkevich happy by cancelling our manifestation appointed for March 14. The only goal was to join entrepreneurs and support them with the help of people working in other professions. However, Mikalai and Anatol were indignant and we have decided to wish them good luck! We will correct our information campaign and invite citizens (including entrepreneurs) to join us on Freedom Day,” Lyabedzka wrote on Facebook.