Lukashenka's companion: I choose dresses myself

A pretty brunette accompanied Lukashenka at the opening ceremony of the Yanka Kupala Theatre on March 29. Euroradio has recognized her –  the girl is Martha Holubeva, singer and actress.

Martha Holubeva was first noticed near Lukashenka on Independence Day in 2008. The girl had just turned 18 back then – she was born on June 5, 1990.

The beauty has already been photographed before - as the soloist of Vasil Rainchyk's legendary band Verasy.

Martha Holubeva is 22 years old now. Euroradio had a hard time looking for her to ask how it feels to accompany Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

Euroradio: How do you get ready for meetings with the President?

Martha Holubeva: I do not have to prepare psychologically. There is nothing about his behaviour that could make  you anxious.

Euroradio: What do you speak about?

Martha Holubeva: We speak about the event we are going to attend.

Euroradio: Who chooses dresses for you?

Martha Holubeva: Well, I can't wear casual clothes. I chose everything myself.

Euroradio: You used to sing in Verasy, what do you do now?

Martha Holubeva: It was very long ago. I do creative work now.

Martha refused to tell us how she had become Lukashenka's companion.

Martha has acted in four Russian films and TV series recently. She is also making a career in singing. The girl has several video clips and sings in Russian.