Lukashenka reassures West about Zapad 2017 military drills

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenka at West 2015. Photo:

On July 27, Alexander Lukashenka decided to reassure all those who are worried about the military exercise Zapad 2017. The drills will be open and observed by a large number of experts, Lukashenka stressed:


"A lot has been said about it and I would like to hear something new. All the questions like NATO’s anxiety, our neighbours, Ukraine (I have been there recently) – everything has been explained. The exercise is open, we have invited a lot of observers. Please, come and see.”

The military exercise is focused on defence, Lukashenka stressed.

The military exercise Zapad 2017 will be held in the west of Belarus in September. Tell the Truth campaign leader Andrei Dzmitryyeu suggested that the Ministry of Defence create a civil commission that could observe the drills. The situation in Eastern Europe is tense and many people are worried about the military exercise and would like to be sure that the Russian troops will leave Belarus when it is over, he explained.


The Ministry of Defence replied on Twitter:

Dzmitryyeu suggests that civil representatives have set up the commission by August 10.