Lukashenka: Loss-making agricultural companies will be privatized

Aliaksandr Lukashenka reckons that agriculture in Belarus not only can be self-sufficient but can also make good money - especially after the government injected a huge amount of money into the sector.

"We have agreed that we should support those who are able to reach the breakeven point and work on their own today. Those who are unable and unwilling to do it will be given some time (till the end of the year at least), and if they fail they will be sold to those who want to work. Therefore, they should think it over and make decisions," Lukashenka is quoted by state news agency BELTA as saying.

According to Belarus Statistics Office (Belstat), there were 870 loss-making agricultural companies working without state assistance in April (almost 59%) and 117 loss-making companies that had support from the state.

Lukashenka reminded that this matter has been raised multiple times and decisions are yet to be taken. He emphasized that the cost is not the poin. The point is whether the state "will be able to handle such a heavy financial burden."