Lukashenka considers Snowden a traitor

"That's too bad, the theme has made a great fuss, I guess the Russian leaders have no idea what to do with that Snowden now. If I were them, I wouldn't worry, I would provide him the asylum and that's it," quotes as Alyaksandr Lukashenka says.

Ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden passed the information about the total control of the American secret services over the informational communications between the citizens of many countries all over the world, to the newspapers The Guardian and Washington Post. Snowden faces a great term of imprisonment for breaking the US legislation.

In the end of May, Snowden flew to Hong Kong, and then, in June, he arrived to Moscow where he stayed in the Sheremetevo airport transit zone. He is supposed to stay there until now. In the end of June, Edward Snowden appealed for political asylum in Russia.