KRAMA will not seek money for their new album from president’s office


KRAMA’s front-man Ihar Varashkevich tells the European Radio for Belarus that the musicians are ready even tomorrow to start recording their new CD. But, they are yet to raise funds for renting a studio. The artistes will not approach Aleh Pralyaskouski, the head of ideology department at the Office of the President, despite the latter gave them his personal phone number.

KRAMA recently released their latest album “Life is a Wonderful Dream”. The launch took place just several months ago in the Minsk-based Fortuna night club. But Varashkevich told the European Radio for Belarus that the album had been completed as far back as in May.

“I had had some ideas, but I did a lot after the Basoviszcza festival. In August, there was no work. That’s when I together with Zmitser Dzyamidau from Indiga recorded 18 demo-songs. Most of them will enter a new album. We even have a draft name of the album: “Thanks for everything, but We Are Going Home” or “Thank God, We Are Going Home”.

Despite earlier “threats” from Ihar that KRAMA’s next album would totally focus on love, following the visit by the musicians to Aleh Pralyaskouski, this has not happened. Different from the previous CDs, the new album has turned out to be very conceptual.

“We don’t play a conceptual music and don’t release conceptual albums, but… There is something different in this album. It is not linked with something that occurred recently. The main theme is that a human being must love his land, the place where he or she was born in the first place”, Varashkevich says.

The musicians are not going to betray their style in the new album. Picking the new streams in music should be left for youngsters, Ihar thinks.

“There is no point to change anything. There are many young musicians who understand fashion better. Yet, some things could possibly change. It can happen when recording the album. Perhaps, the guitars will become harder. Maybe, it will be just the opposite”.

KRAMA’s leader confessed to the European Radio for Belarus that many simple people and their friends contributed to making their previous album possible. They would give the money on condition that their names would not be revealed. They didn’t want to see their company logos or THANK YOU lines from the band mentioning their names on the CD cover. Fundraising remains a priority for musicians this time again.