Ivan Doubash: I am not a suicide bomber

Ivan and Aliaksei Doubash, who were called executors of terrorist acts in Brussels by the Russian site Lifenews contacted the European Radio for Belarus.

"If we are suicide bombers, why are we alive? If we are terrorists, why have we not been arrested?" said Ivan indignantly.

A native of Belarus states that he and his brother were first accused of terrorism on March 14. The men even contacted the Belgian intelligence services due to this.

"We were told that they knew nothing about it and they had no claims to us," Ivan Doubash told Euroradio about the conversation with the Belgian intelligence services.

"I have no problem with the Belgian police, I freely travel around the EU. The police told me that the information about my involvement in acts of terrorism was the local gossip, and they are not paying attention," said Aliaksei Doubash, whom the Lifenews website with reference to the Russian FSB called an ISIS militant.

Information about the involvement of Aliaksei in the terrorist attacks came as a shock to his Homiel friends. Doubash often comes to Homiel to visit his grandmother. He really had converted to Islam, but, as his friends say, he is a "good guy". Local bikers call him by his nickname "Lyokha the Frenchman."

Аляксей Доўбаш — злева (фота з яго акаўнта ў сацсетках)

Two explosions rocked the morning of March 22 at the International Airport of Brussels. First it was reported about 11 dead and 25 wounded. People were evacuated from the building. The explosions took place in the departure lounge. The threat level for the country was increased to the highest - 4th. All urban transport is stopped, planes are redirected to other airports.

According to WSJ, the bombs were detonated in front of the inspection area. Some sources report that before the explosion there were heard shots and shouts in Arabic. Another explosion occurred in the Brussels metro. According to recent reports, 34 people were killed and over 150 injured.