Iryna Halip: Sannikau to come back home after medical check-up and treatmen

Let us remind you that Andrei Sannikau's colleague and representative at the election -2010 Zmitser Bandarenka has decided to stay in Poland and not to return home. He thinks that he may be arrested again in Belarus.

Iryna Halip says that she got to know about Bandarenka's decision on the Internet. Sannikau is undergoing treatment in Lithuania now and is not going to stay abroad.

Halip: "He is undergoing treatment. He has informed the criminal inspectorate about leaving for a certain period of time. We are waiting for him at home".

Sannikau's wife does not know when her husband will return. She says that he will need to go through a medical check-up after the treatment. The ex-political prisoner will probably come back home in September.